Church History

CS in Burlington, VT started on board a ship on Lake Champlain in 1896. Two women, one who was a CS practitioner, were talking and reading CS literature when two other couples talked with them and learned of CS. The two couples and a third couple started attending services at the apartment of one of the ladies having the discussion on board the ship. In the 1898 Christian Science Journal, Burlington was listed as a branch church. In 1908 the church disbanded and reformed in 1913 as a society recognized by The Mother Church and in 1920 become a branch church. In 1927 a church was built with the Reading Room inside until 1933 when the Reading Room was moved to the downtown business area. Today, the church continues to prosper and is active with its healing work.

From a book entitled “I never found a kindlier people” The Early History of Christian Science in Vermont by Cynthia Parsons, CS